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Bears-less Sunday: What's your fantasy team looking like?

Three more weeks in the season... how is your team looking?

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For many Chicago Bears fans, another Sunday without a Bears game means another Sunday primarily focused on Fantasy Football. As always, we strongly urge you to hit up our FanDuel league, as lots of money is being won week after week. Many of our WCG members have had considerable success with FanDuel.  If you haven't yet, try it now (LINK).

For today's games, lots on the radar.

Tell us about your 2014 Fantasy Teams, and how you've done so far. Have the Bears provided some wins for you?  From a stats perspective, you might have done pretty well with any combo of Cutler-Jeffery-Bennett-Marshall-Forte.

Has anyone done anything with the Bears defense this season?  Coming into the year, a lot of folks predicted the Bears D would be a lot better than it has turned out to be. Roster moves and draft picks indicated the defense could have been a dark horse candidate n fantasy leagues... Oops.

How are your 2014 fantasy leagues shaping up?