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NFL Week 15 Late Games Open Thread

There are still five more games today, with some pretty good action in there.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The afternoon and evening slate has some good action in it, especially if you enjoy rooting against the Lions. I could get used to these Sundays where the Bears aren't flat out embarrassing themselves. Well, any day where they aren't really embarrassing themselves. I guess we can't leave Monday through Saturday out, given the last couple weeks. But that's something for tomorrow's game against the Saints.

Anyway, here's the rest of today's action (that 49ers/Seahawks game looks mighty interesting, as does Vikings/Lions):

4:05 PM ET / 3:05 PM CT
Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

4:05 PM ET / 3:05 PM CT
New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

4:25 PM ET / 3:25 PM CT
Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

4:25 PM ET / 3:25 PM CT
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

8:30 PM ET / 7:30 PM CT
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

This is your Open Thread for the remainder of today's games. Have fun! And as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).