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Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints - Monday Night Football Open Thread

The 2014 Bears chronicling of sadness continues as the Saints, who could inexplicably still make the playoffs, come to Soldier Field.

I know, bud. They make me sad too.
I know, bud. They make me sad too.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


  1. 1.
    the complete loss or absence of hope.
"driven to despair, he throws himself under a train"

While it's not that bad (it is, after all, just a game, and not even one that any of us are playing in), it can sure feel like it as a fan. It's one thing when your team is trying and just isn't good enough.  It's a complete other when you watch an organization that you invest a whole hell of a lot of time in just come apart at the seams.

Between the coach fighting, the players doing whatever they want, and the substandard play on the field, it can be tough to be a fan sometimes.  But why? Why let it affect us so?

Oh well. There's always next year. Hmm. That might actually still be a Trestman year. Well, there's always 2016. But Rodgers will still be in Green Bay.

I'm going to go ahead and circle it: 2024, that will be when the Bears rise to prominence.

Jokes aside, join us here as we wait for the game to start.  And this song is for you.

Welcome back my friends

To the show that never ends

We're so glad you could attend

Come inside, come inside