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Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live updates and instant analysis of tonight's MNF game!

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 0

New Orleans Saints 14


It was a hot mess at Halas Hall all week long, so no one should be surprised that it translated over to Soldier Field for Monday Night Football. The Chicago Bears offense is still completely disorganized, despite having several extra days to prepare for this game, and the struggling 5-8 New Orleans Saints are managing to look like the better team.  Forget Bears weather with a dome team playing in enemy territory... the Bears are who we thought they were.

As mentioned on our social media pages, everyone assumes that Marc Trestman will get another year next season... but let him keep up this garbage for another 2.5 games.  He might be right out the door with his assistant coaches after the season is over.

Here's another question worth considering... Do the Bears bench Cutler for the 2nd half?

This is your 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!