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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Check out my Thoughts on the NFL this week and make sure you leave a few thoughts of your own in the comment section. If you're a lurker that still hasn't signed up for WCG yet, then allow this to serve as a formal invitation to get in on the fun.

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1) This was the best thing I saw all weekend.


The Cleveland Browns should at the very least buy those two fans dinner for their Mutomboesque rejection.

2) This was the second best thing saw all weekend. This GIF makes me smile...


That kid is really happy!

3) With just two games remaining, only one team in the NFC has clinched a playoff spot. The 11-3 Arizona Cardinals punched their playoff ticket by knocking off the Rams back on Thursday. There are four 10-4 teams in the NFC, but none of them are postseason locks.

4) You have to hand it to the Dallas Cowboys. With a recent history of late season collapses, I assumed once they blew their 21-0 lead to fall behind 24-21 to the Philadelphia Eagles it was another 'here we go again' moment for Cowboy fans.

5) I get the feeling Washington head coach Jay Gruden really dislikes his quarterback, Robert Griffin III.

Because the last thing you'd want your quarterback to do is dropback passing and defense reading.

If something like that was ever said said to a reporter anonymously it would cause a firestorm.

6) The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 33-20 in the season opener, then they talked a little trash about it. That didn't sit well with the New England Patriots who had to wait until week 15 for the rematch. The Pats got their revenge, winning 41-13 and clinching their division in the process.

This makes it 6 straight NFC East Championships which is one short of the all time consecutive Division championship record of 7, which was set by the Los Angeles Rams from 1973-79.

7) And speaking of Los Angeles, there's a chance the city could have not one, but two teams playing there in the near future. The NFL would love for the Oakland Raiders to relocate, but the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams are also viable L.A. options.

8) Baltimore's Timmy Jernigan, who many experts mocked to the Chicago Bears last off season, has four sacks in his last five games. The former Florida State defensive tackle has been stepping up in the absence of Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata who is serving a 4 game suspension. Ngata can return for the playoffs if the 9-5 Ravens qualify.

Jernigan is second among rookies in sacks (4), trailing another DT that was mocked to the Bears last year. Aaron Donald of the St. Louis Rams leads all rookies in sacks with 8. Donald was picked one pick before the Bears took Kyle Fuller.

9) Speaking of last years draft, graded the first rounders and Chicago's Fuller received a C+.

Fuller was a whirlwind out of the gate, directly impacting Chicago's first two wins with game-changing interceptions. After openly struggling in Week 4 against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, the rookie cornerback has been picked on in pass coverage. He currently ranks dead last among the 36 rookies at his position, which has to do with his inconsistent pass coverage and a Bears defense that can't rush the passer. Showing flashes of big-play ability, another year in the system should help Fuller develop.

Fuller has struggled of late, but he's been playing with a number of injuries. I think a good off season building up his body will do his sophomore year wonders.

10) I stumbled across this on twitter, and now my eyes hurt.

Matt Stafford has another chance this Sunday!