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The Bears Den: December 16, 2014 - Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints game reports & reaction

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Bears’ issues run deep - Adam L. Jahns: From a lack of passion among certain players to a lack of faith in the coaching, issues with Trestman’s game management, and puzzlement over the decision to shift the LBs around, a sense of dysfunction permeates Halas Hall.

Bad loss to Saints underscores need for drastic changes - David Haugh: Perhaps Trestman's tame response to Kromer helped Phil Emery start to grasp the obvious: The listless Bears lack strong leadership and badly need a coaching overhaul.  Rich Campbell: Emery 'disappointed, upset' by Kromer situation.

Kromer can't be Trestman's fall guy - Brad Biggs: Aaron Kromer isn't the man ultimately responsible for the disaster of an offense the team has fielded all year. There is no buy-in for Marc Trestman and a leadership vacuum.

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Chicago Bears 15, New Orleans Saints 31

Drew Brees leads Saints over Bears, take over division lead - ( Game report and [Video] highlights.

Game Blog -'s situational updates from the field as they unfolded during the Bears' 31-15 loss against the Saints on Monday Night Football.  Larry Mayer's pregame Q&As.

Game breakdown - The Tribune's drive charts, Bears of note, and game stats.

Bears stumble to third straight defeat - Larry Mayer: The most disappointing Bears season in recent memory continued its downward spiral with yet another humiliating loss, this time to the Saints.

Listless Bears fall 31-15 - James Neveau: The Bears looked to play spoiler for the Saints' playoff hopes, but they merely served as a springboard instead.

Cutler picked, sacked en route to another lifeless Bears’ loss - Patrick Finley: At halftime, the Bears had totaled 51 rushing yards, 56 passing yards and 54 penalty yards, an unholy definition of balance.

Bears' season continues to take on water - Bob LeGere: Anyone who thought the Bears couldn't get any worse was proven wrong Monday night at Soldier Field. The defense was bad, and the offense was worse.

Bears defense owns up to mistakes, vows to get better, keep fighting - Not-Hub Arnold: There weren't many positives to take away from the game.

McCray: ‘We shouldn’t have snapped it’ - Michael C. Wright: Danny McCray recalled counting up every player on the fake punt, and immediately knowing the Bears lined up a man short.

Stats & Info - ESPN: The Saints took advantage of the Bears' struggles in a big way, beating them in a game that wasn't as close as the final score of 31-15 indicated.

Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright: The Bears' failed fake punt in the second quarter from their own 39 with only 10 men on the field summed up the dysfunction permeating Chicago in 2014.

Game review - Jeff Dickerson with five things we learned: Everything is awful x 5.

[Video] PostGame Live - Jen Lada, Moon Mullin discuss Bears loss to Saints.

[Video] PostGame Live - Another debacle in loss to Saints.

Cutler, offense struggle again

Bears struggles on offense continue - Mini-Larry: The Bears offense couldn't get out of its own way Monday night, leaving some to wonder if the problems on that side of the ball will ever be fixed.

Cutler takes another step back in loss to Saints - Mark Potash: Dreadful offensive performance only magnified the bigger issues facing Emery and Trestman, mainly the demise of Cutler and the offense, which is looming more and more as a focus of the Bears’ problems.

No answers for disappointing Bears offense - Not-Hub Fishbain: Marc Trestman seemed to have run out of answers a long time ago for what has gone wrong with this sputtering offense.

Cutler's struggles continue, throwing 3 picks in loss - Rich Campbell: It was business as usual for Cutler and Bears' offense in 31-15 loss to Saints.

[Video] PostGame Live - 15 on 6: Cutler showed no discipline in pocket in loss to Saints.

Cutler not providing return on investment - Michael C. Wright: For a man receiving $22.5 million in 2014 as part of a seven-year contract worth $126.7 million, the production isn't matching up to the salary.

Bears' miscommunication extends to Cutler's press conference - Rich Campbell: Reporters in the locker room were not alerted to the start of his session in time to attend it.

Pretty much everything is awful

Bears bungle their way through 31-15 loss, clinch losing season - Dan Wiederer: Can the team sink any lower? Failed fake punt tells you everything you need to know about the 2014 Bears.

A perfect snapshot of the 2014 Chicago Bears - Adam Hoge: This team isn’t just finding out how many ways they can screw up a season, now they’re finding out how many ways they can screw up one play.

Dysfunctional Bears have no control - Chris Emma: One putrid play exposed how unprepared the Bears truly are. A sad season showed several players don’t even care. The final two games won’t prove anything different.

Bears fail to show up against Saints - Is-Hub Arkush: Unfortunate reality of this lost 2014 season is there were nowhere near enough good players, and in their 31-15 loss to the Saints it was hard to tell how many have pride.

Bears can't end this swiftly enough - Jon Greenberg: Marc Trestman has lost the inept team Phil Emery put together. It's time the McCaskey family gave both the ax.

Bears, Cutler can’t walk or talk in ugly loss to Saints - Rick Morrissey: The Bears employ a GM who talks about Alexander Haig, and they have a pacifist head coach who, when he errs, errs on the side of having too few players on the field. Welcome to football hell.

Bears are a product in free-fall - Dan Bernstein: 5-9 Bears lose in what can only be a concerted effort to undermine their own brand.

Bears getting sacked, on and off field - Mike Imrem: The real pro football competition in town is whether the Bears are more laughable on the field or off the field.

Matt Forte not thinking of team changes right now - Jeff Dickerson: Because of the front office’s silence on the topic of job security, veteran players will be forced to answer difficult questions until the regular season wraps up on Dec. 28.

This will help the firings - Rosenmoan's usual schadenfreude.  Pregame schadenfreude.

[Video] PostGame Live - The PGL crew analyzes Phil Emery's comments on Aaron Kromer.

More from the game

Game notes - Larry Mayer: Bears defense burned by Drew Brees, not using injuries as an excuse; Brock Vereen makes impact play in forcing fumble; offensive load shared in Brandon Marshall's absence.

Game notes - Rich Campbell: Chris Conte unfazed by injuries; injury and game notes.

Game notes - Bob LeGere: Bears run more but production only so-so; Alshon Jeffery's numbers have spiked as Brandon Marshall's have fallen off; Martellus Bennett one of top TEs in league in receiving yardage.

Game notes - Not-Hub Arkush: Offensive ineptitude continues after tumultuous week; defense unable to stop Jimmy Graham or his backup; special teams chip in with embarrassing botched fake punt.

Game notes - Chris Emma: Mental mistakes showed lack of preparation offensively; Martellus Bennett believes the team isn’t playing as one; failed fake punt exposed what little control coaches seem to have.

Game review - Not-Hub Fishbain with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Bears quotes - Inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players.

Photos - Courtesy of ... Daily Herald.

Game grades

Stock watch - Seth Gruen: Apparently there was a halftime fireworks show, but no one noticed. That suggests how unexcited fans were at Soldier Field.

Game grades - Mark Potash: From the start, the Bears showed no spark and looked like a poorly coached team in all three phases.

Game grades - Jeff Dickerson: 2014 might represent the Bears' worst coaching campaign since the Dave Wannstedt era.

Game grades - James Neveau isn't as down on the defense as some.

[Video] PostGame Live - The PGL crew names their Monsters of the Midway.


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