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Report: Marc Trestman expected to be fired after 2014; Phil Emery's fate under discussion

Chicago Bears ownership met after MNF's debacle, and some changes are rumored to be brewing.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While the assumption has been made by many over the last couple weeks that head coach Marc Trestman would be getting one more shot with the Chicago Bears in 2015, perhaps the latest embarrassment on national television was enough to get ownership riled up. Or maybe it was the week of events that led up to the MNF game.

According to Dan Bernstein, Marc Trestman is expected to be fired after the season wraps up, and general manager Phil Emery's fate is still undecided.

In what would come as no surprise to anyone, coach Marc Trestman is expected to be fired at season's end, the source told Bernstein. The fate of general manager Phil Emery - who hired Trestman - remains unclear. His job status is "under discussion," the source said.

Many considered the hiring of Emery, and Trestman a year later, to be a significant upgrade to Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, primarily because Emery is considered one of the best talent evaluators in the league, and Trestman was considered an offensive guru.  For years, Angelo was hit or miss in NFL Drafts, and Lovie Smith was not shy about focusing almost exclusively on the defense.

But the Emery-Trestman marriage hasn't worked so far, and stories are unearthed almost weekly about how the locker room is in shambles, the coaching lacks control of the team, and players have checked out.

With Trestman expected to be out, you have to think the next person hired as head coach will be someone that has done it before-- someone who is an accomplished leader who has run an NFL team before. Who that head coach will be largely depends on who the GM is.

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