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The Bears Den: December 18, 2014 - Week 16 Chicago Bears news & notes

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Bears benching of Jay Cutler confirms it's time to turn out lights on era - David Haugh: Marc Trestman benching Cutler for Jimmy Clausen is an act of defiance or ignorance. Warts and all, a struggling Cutler still offers more realistic hope for victory than a QB who hasn't started since Jan. 2, 2011.

End of Jay Cutler era is as much Bears' fault as it is QB's fault - Jon Greenberg: Jay Cutler never realized his potential in Chicago, but that he was benched in his sixth season as a starter is an organizational failure.

Do the Bears really think Jimmy Clausen is the answer? - Is-Hub Arkush: Bears players, angry over the way their QB was treated by his coach and the organization in the Kromer fiasco, now find out Cutler has been benched from more leaks to the national media. It's hard to accept this is the smartest move in light of last week's reaction.

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Cutler benched, Clausen to start

Coach unable to get most from Cutler - Larry Mayer: After having a successful first season together last year, Marc Trestman acknowledged Wednesday that he's been unable to get the most of Jay Cutler in 2014.

Jay Cutler benched; Jimmy Clausen to start Sunday - Patrick Finley: The benching increases the possibility the Bears could seek takers once the team’s nightmare season ends.

Marc Trestman admits failures with Jay Cutler - Michael C. Wright: "We’ve seen moments, but we haven’t done it on a consistent basis. I can’t hide from that," says coach.

Benching Cutler allows Trestman to end season on his terms - Michael C. Wright: If Marc Trestman is going to go down in flames, he'd likely prefer to do so with a QB he knows will execute the system the way he asks.

Benching Jay Cutler hardly solves Bears dilemma with 'uncoachable' QB - Brad Biggs: If they fire Marc Trestman, the presence of Cutler is going to reduce the pool of qualified replacements.

[Video] ESPN - Michael Wilbon discusses the Bears' decision to bench Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen.

Bears bench Cutler vs Lions - Bob LeGere: On the national stage Monday night , Cutler was criticized for everything from his body language to his perceived lack of leadership. But any of those criticisms could be directed at any player in a Bears uniform that night.

Jim Miller: Benching 'should've happened a long time ago'' - Former Bears QB also discusses possibility of Bears wiping slate clean by replacing Phil Emery along with Marc Trestman and his staff [with Video].

Where did call on Cutler benching come from? - Chris Boden: Ownership, Phil Emery, Marc Trestman, or the players?

What happens with Jay Cutler now? - Adam L. Jahns: Cut him, trade him, or keep him?  Moon Mullin: Clausen-Cutler switch could foreshadow Cutler exitDan Hanzus: Eight potential landing spots.

Cutler benching an unnecessary move in lost season - James Neveau: If the Bears try to trade Cutler, the weakness that this move projects will also diminish any possible return that the Bears could get.  Adam Schefter: Bears could get 'mid-round conditional pick' for Cutler.

So long, Jay — now please take your buddy Phil with you - Rick Morrissey includes "indifferent looks" as a reason to rail against Cutler. Srsly. Hey, McCaskeys, it’s not personal — you’re just awful at this.

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin reacts to Cutler-Clausen news.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush: I don't really understand what the Bears are doing.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - The panel discuss Cutler's benching for Clausen. Who made the decision? [KAPCON: 5]

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Does Cutler have a future anywhere?

Is Jay Cutler's fashion statement a message to Bears? - Steve Rosenbloom: Jay Cutler has ditched Bears wear for a Vanderbilt cap the last 2 podium trips since Aaron Kromer's criticism.

April 2, 2009 to Wednesday - Dan Wiederer: Jay Cutler's timeline with the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers sticks up for Jay Cutler - Michael C. Wright: Packers QB told the NFL Network he was baffled by the Aaron Kromer situation, and criticized Kromer’s behavior.

Eight things to know about Jimmy Clausen - Dan Wiederer could have made it nine if he'd explained the origins of the nickname "Pickles".

If only it were a different Jimmy replacing Cutler - Mike Imrem: Wouldn't it have been neat to have a younger backup with Jimmy Garoppolo's perceived upside instead of an older backup with Jimmy Clausen's downside?

Looking ahead: Bears-Lions

Improvement still focus for Bears - Mini-Larry: The playoffs are out of reach for the Bears, but that won't stop them from looking to improve and try to play spoiler on Sunday against the Lions.

Game preview - Steve Silverman breaks down how the teams match up. It ain't pretty.

[Video] ESPN - Michael C. Wright discusses the importance of the final two games.

[Video] - Larry Mayer and Tom Thayer preview the upcoming Bears' match-up with the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field.

Know thy enemy - Mini-Larry: The Lions haven't won consecutive games in Chicago in more than 40 years, but if they can do so this week, they will clinch a playoff spot.

X&Os -'s All-22 slideshow from the week 13 loss to the Lions.

Looking back: Bears-Saints

[Video] - All the action on the Bears' sideline from their Week 15 Monday Night Football match-up against the Saints.

X&Os -'s All-22 slideshow from the loss to the Saints.

[Video] - Tom Thayer breaks down linebacker Jonathan Bostic's progression throughout the Bears' loss to the Saints.


Team notes - Patrick Finley: Final two weeks a tryout for Bears players & coaches, says Lance Briggs; Aaron Rodgers gives Kromer no kudos for admitting being unnamed source to the players; injury notes.

Team notes - Rich Campbell: Trestman not getting involved in stupid Cutler-body-language talk; Stephen Paea 2nd in Pro Bowl fan voting for DTs, Matt Forte 6th RB and Martellus Bennett 7th TE; Willie Young awarded full sack (10 total), Jared Allen drops to 4.5.

Stats & Info - ESPN: Bears have issues with pass on both sides, with the defense being bottom-two in completion percentage, yards allowed, and TD passes.

[Video] - Adam Schefter: Nobody's job is safe inside Halas Hall these days.

[Video] - Jim Miller: For Marc Trestman, the ship is sinking.

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin, Jen Lada discuss, pre-Cutler benching, whether Marc Trestman recognizes when players quit, Jay Cutler's body language, and accountability.

Chris Conte's refreshing honesty - Will Leitch: Chris Conte caused a stir when he said that he said the cost of an NFL career -- possibly living 10 fewer years -- is worth is worth it. When you consider all that he's done to get to this point, not to mention the way we celebrate athletes, his comments make a lot of sense.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - The panel discuss Chris Conte's willingness to trade health for career.

The five low points so far this year - John Dodge: Even when the Bears were kinda, sorta good, fans could always find something to complain about, while the media did its best to tart up the drama around the fortress of Halas Hall. The McCaskey/Emery/Trestman cabal takes all the work out of it.

Longest Bears playoff droughts - Not-Hub Fishbain: The current four-year stretch of no postseason is the fourth time the Bears have gone that long without making the postseason in the Super Bowl era.

Coaches Corner: Clint Hurtt - Mini-Larry: Assistant D-line coach Clint Hurtt has taken his experience from college to the league in order to teach the young Chicago players in the trenches.

More Bears audiovisual

[Video] - Jeff Joniak sits down with Hall of Famer Dick Butkus on Bears Confidential.

[Video] Inside the Bears - Matt Forte joins Anthony Adams on his new talk show, "Between Two Helmets."

[Video] Inside the Bears - Film buff Dante Rosario takes a drive with Anthony Adams in another edition of "Big Guys in Compact Cars."

[Video] Inside the Bears - Former Bears QB Erik Kramer opens up about the loss of his 18-year-old son to a heroin overdose, says it's important for parents whose kids are struggling with drug addiction to find the proper substance abuse treatment.

[Video] - A time lapse taking in the atmosphere of primetime action at Soldier Field.

Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Lions - Michael Rothstein: How Jim Caldwell changed the mindset of the Lions.  Patrick Finley: Bears could learn from Lions, whose culture change worked.

Ex-Bear news - (Tribune): Vikings waive J'Marcus Webb after blocked FG attempt.


Something soothing for a tumultuous day.