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Mocking the Mocks: Whom does SI's Chris Burke think the Bears will take?

Mock draft season has begun in Chicago. Who do the Bears take in this edition of Mocking the Mocks?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Lester's officially opened WCG Mock Draft Season by sharing Todd McShay's mock draft with us, we've got a second one already, as Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke released his mock draft. Using the same number nine overall pick that McShay used for the Bears, keeping in mind this still has time to change by the end of the season, the Chicago Bears select...

Shane Ray, the defensive end from Missouri. And here's what Burke said about this spot:

The Bears would be ecstatic under these hypothetical conditions, what with Ray, Landon Collins and Shaq Thompson all still on the board -- a playmaker for each level of defense. Winning in the NFC North starts up front. Right now, the Bears have an aging Jared Allen, a strong rotational player in Willie Young and LaMarr Houston coming off a knee injury. Ray's incredible first-step would bring a welcome element.

Yes, the Bears pass up Landon Collins in this scenario (and it's everything I can do to stop from typing Landon Cohen), but is it worth it for the pass-rusher Ray?

What are your thoughts on this mock draft and this selection?