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Fantasy Football 2014: Matt Forte the only sure bet for Chicago this week

The Chicago Bears offense hasn't exactly finished the season the way fantasy owners would have preferred.

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

From a fantasy football perspective, the Chicago Bears offense has been pretty dependable over the last couple seasons, but as we close things out, options are certainly becoming limited.

With Brandon Marshall being placed on the Injured Reserve list, and Jay Cutler being benched, running back Matt Forte may be the last remaining stronghold for the Bears on fantasy teams.

Of course, this is assuming that now-starting QB Jimmy Clausen doesn't show up and start playing lights-out football the same way Josh McCown did last season when Cutler went down with injury.

Sit/start advice from SBN:

Start 'em: With Jay Cutler benched, and going against a stout Detroit defense, Matt Forte is a scary fantasy option, but come on, it's still Matt Forte. It's hard to imagine you have better options. ... Alshon Jeffery has averaged 13 fantasy points a game in his last seven. He's a low-end WR2 with the new quarterback situation. ... Martellus Bennett is still a starter, albeit a low-end one.

Sit 'em: With Cutler benched, the Bears are turning to Jimmy Clausen, which feels like being unhappy with your kitchen knife and trading it in for a pair of safety scissors, but whatever. Clausen isn't a real fantasy option. ... Marquess Wilson didn't look quite ready in Week 15, despite his touchdown. ... Neither Jay Feely nor Robbie Gould has offered any real fantasy value this season. ... The Bears' defense is just awful.

Also, make sure to click over to FanDuel and get your rosters set for this week. You can spend a little money, or a lot, but as many of our WCG members have found out, there's a lot of money to be won as well. Click here for your Week 16 options.