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Chicago Bears vs Dteroit Lions 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion and instant analysis of today's Chicago Bears game!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 0

Detroit Lions 7


Today is the final game of the season at Soldier Field, and the Bears fans that decided to attend have come out for the second week in a row voicing their rather strong opinions of the current state of affairs.

On the Bears first possession of the game, they were faced with 3rd and 8, and decided to run a delayed handoff. It didn't work, and they of course punted.

The Lions took their second possession of the game straight to the end zone, thanks to the Bears defense deciding against tackling anyone along the way.

Currently, the Bears are threatening as the 1st quarter comes to a close... Can they get into the end zone in the 2nd? Matt Forte wants the ball, and fantasy owners want him to get it.

This is your 2nd Quarter Open Thread... have fun!