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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 4th Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live updates and instant analysis of today's Bears game!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears  14

Detroit Lions  10


The Chicago Bears showed some life in the 3rd quarter, particularly in taking advantage of a Detroit Lions roughing the kicker penalty that extended the Bears offensive drive.  The Bears went up 14-10 on the Jimmy Clausen to Alshon Jaffery 20 yard touchdown pass with just under 3 minutes left in the quarter.

Soldier Field has been largely unhappy most of the day, but for most of the third quarter, they had calmed down to just being indifferent.

Despite poor tackling at times, the defense has made some good stops, and kept Matthew Stafford on his heels for part of the game.

But we won't complain-- the Bears are winning and potentially playing spoilers to a Lions team with visions of playoffs dancing in their heads. It's been a while since we won a game...

This is your 4th Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!