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NFL Week 16 Late Games Open Thread

Join us below as we continue our Week 16 coverage!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears closed out their home season earlier today, but our coverage of Week 16 continues.  On the docket for the remainder of the day:

- New York Giants at St. Louis Rams

- Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders

- Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys

- Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (SNF)


With Week 16 wrapping up, we are one step closer to the final playoff spots being filled out, and one step closer to the Chicago Bears finally turning over their coaching staff (and maybe more than just their coaches).

Another year of Chicago watching the playoffs from home... That's certainly not a good feeling, especially when we see division rival(s) making their postseason appearances.

But we'll get through this week first, and for tonight, we've got some good football on the docket. Join us below as our coverage continues.

This is your NFL Week 16 Late Games Open Thread... Have fun!