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Marc Trestman fired by the Chicago Bears

After weeks of speculation, the Chicago Bears have announced that head coach Marc Trestman has been fired.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have made official what we all knew was coming for weeks now, head coach Marc Trestman has been fired.

Marc Trestman's Chicago Bears offense was hitting on all cylinders in 2013. They had the 5th most passing yards, they were 16th in rushing yards, they had the 8th most total yards and they were 2nd in total points scored.

Offensive Rankings 2013 2014
Passing Yards Rank 5th 15th
Rushing Yards Rank 16th 27th
Total Yards Rank 8th 21st
Points Scored Rank 2nd 23rd

In 2014, even though they were bringing back all 11 starters, the offense couldn't find a rhythm. They dropped down to 23rd in points scored, 15th in passing offense, 27th in rushing offense and 21st in total yards per game. Sure there were injuries along the offensive line and the starting wide outs had some injury issues, but for a guy with a reputation of being an offensive innovator, Marc Trestman had some of the most vanilla game-plans that you would ever see in the NFL.

The Bears went 8-8 in Trestman's first season as head coach, but fell to a disappointing 5-11 in year two. The drop in wins, by themselves, aren't solely a fireable offense. The drop in production wasn't necessarily the final straw that led to the Bears relieving Trestman of his duties. But when the players begin to question the leadership of the team, there's no salvaging that.

When his offensive coordinator, Aaron Kromer, ran to the media to complain about his quarterback, then tearfully admitted his mistake to the team, the level of locker room dysfunction hit an all time high. When Kromer's error was met with nothing, no suspension, no fine, no nothing, it brought the lack of accountability to light. Respect was out the window and trust meant nothing.

Chicago Bears Chairman George McCaskey had no choice but to fire Marc Trestman.

Bears fans hope he can find the right man to turn the team around.

EDIT: Here's the statement from Marc Trestman.

"I want to thank Virginia, George and the McCaskey family, Phil Emery and Ted Phillips for giving me the opportunity to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears. I also want to thank all the coaches and players who gave us everything we asked over the past two years. I have tremendous respect for this organization. Chicago is a special city with great fans. I appreciate the warm support my family and I received. "