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GM Phil Emery fired by the Chicago Bears

After linking himself to the Marc Trestman hire, Phil Emery has been relieved of his duties in the front office.

Phil Emery welcomes his eventual downfall.
Phil Emery welcomes his eventual downfall.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears no longer require the services of Phil Emery.

After just three seasons, that saw the Bears go from 10-6 and almost in the playoffs to 5-11 and in the basement of the division, it appears the downfall of the general manager will come due to the absolute collapse in leadership dislayed by his only head coaching hire, Marc Trestman.

Additionally, he had some issues with his drafts. Of the 6 players he drafted in 2012, only 2 remained (McClellin & Jeffery), and only one of those has shown the flashes of success you'd like. His 2013 draft stuck around more, but outside of Pro Bowl offensive guard Kyle Long, their play has not been overwhelming.  The 2014 class hasn't had as much time to flash, but it seems as if it will be a solid group, if unspectacular.

It is really going to come down to Marc Trestman, though.

Trestman was brought in, after a series of interviews that included current NFCW playoff head coach Bruce Arians, as we were told that he and Trestman worked of a similar analytic mind, and that he was the quarterback guru who was going to allow this team to make Jay Cutler the quarterback many had desperately wanted him to be. It almost worked, as the 2013 season showed.

Some will say that Emery had his hands tied when he came to Chicago, being forced to keep Lovie Smith, a coach popular with a lot of fans, but more importantly, popular with ownership. That may be true, but his first coaching choice was  so bold that if it failed, it would likely be his only coaching choice.

It was, indeed, his only coaching choice.


Stay tuned, as you can be assured we'll be all over the search for a new general manager.