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The Bears Den: December 4th, 2014

It's Game Day. Spongie's out. Prepare for unnecessarily flippant remarks directed at beat writers just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

This sums up how Kev feels about the 2014 season.
This sums up how Kev feels about the 2014 season.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Bears vs. Cowboys tonight on NFL Network. Can the Bears try to ruin the Cowboys day? Let's hope, but in the meantime, join us as you wait through the day only to get to our fun, welcoming open threads later today.


BTB Dallas Cowboys Podcast: Rob Phillips For "Cowboys At The Three-Quarter Pole"; Bears Preview With Lester Wiltfong - Blogging The Boys - Lester talked to our friends over at Blogging the Boys, which is really the only place you should go if you're looking for Cowboys news. (Also, if you love the Cowboys so much why don't you marry them, you traitors.)

From a Chicago Bears View

Fantasy football start/sit advice, Week 14: Alshon Jeffery - - Click through to see if you should start or sit the Bears best wide receiver.

Marc Trestman: Chicago Bears need to run the ball - ESPN Chicago - This one is a couple days old, so you've seen it, but since it's y'alls favorite topic I figured I'd throw it in here again for S & G's.

Chicago Bears Injury Report: Conte, Jeffery and Ratliff all questionable - Windy City Gridiron - Some awesome dude at some awesome site put together this injury report, so it'd be a damned shame if you didn't go read it. You'll hurt Lester's feelings. He might cry. Nobody wants Lester to cry.

Bears sign kicker Jay Feely, list Robbie Gould as doubtful - Chicago Tribune - Hey, you guys, relax. Everything's going to be fine. Oh, Feely went 83% last year on field goals and hasn't kicked since the end of last season. It's going to to be good.  I promise.

Matt Forte Is Key To Chicago Bears’ Win Over Dallas Cowboys | RantSports - Ties into the whole running the ball thing, except for the fact that the Bears will come out and throw 44 screen passes to start the game. (I'm guessing)

Week 14 NFL Game Preview: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears - Bears Backer - Yet another game preview. Not as good as any WCG ones, but a valiant effort nonetheless.

Bears need to develop home-grown talent like their NFC rivals to prosper - Chicago Tribune - Biggs says the Bears need to draft better and then retain those people. In other news, scoring more points than the other team means that you win.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears preview, Week 14 - ESPN - Yet another other preview.

From a Dallas Cowboys View

Thursday Night Football Breakdown: Dallas Cowboys At Chicago Bears " CBS New York - Well, an NFC East view.  Whatever. The NFC East is as bipolar as the NFC North.  We can't all be the AFC North.

Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears: Five things to watch | Dallas Cowboys | Latest news and video on t... - Previews from the point of view of other teams aren't very fun when your team sucks and their team sucks only slightly less.

Bob Sturm scouts the Bears: Forte’s production unmatched over last 7 seasons; what Willie Young did to Cowboys in 2011 unseen before or since | Dallas Morning News - I stand by the fact that I said the Bears didn't need to pay Forte.

The Dallas Cowboys hope to bounce back against the Chicago Bears - US Sports | - There are worse teams to try and bounce back against.

Cowboys Extra: Scouting the Chicago Bears | Dallas Cowboys | Latest news and video on the Dal... - Eesh.

Gosselin: In must-win game vs. Bears, Cowboys must do this to have a shot to win | Dallas Morning News - I just want these posts to say "Score more points" without any other kind of analysis.

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