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Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Pre-Game Live Blog (Open Thread)

Let us all make a vow to not take this one very seriously.

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

After both teams got pasted by their opponents on Thanksgiving, the Dallas Cowboys travel to the Windy City in a game that somehow, mathematically, holds playoff hopes for both.

The Bears would need an unrealistic number of things to go their way, but the Cowboys are in a little better shape. Sitting at 8-4, the Cowboys hold a chance at both their division or a wild card game.

So it's a big game.  But for the sake of our hearts as Bears fans, we can't take too much from it. A win is nice, and probably allows the Bears to play spoiler a bit, but won't change much in terms of the direction of the franchise.

A good or bad performance isn't likely to get someone hired or fired this week, and won't change much. We'll here the same platitudes post-game. We'll see the same standard remarks.

So, celebrate if they win. Commiserate with us if they lose. But don't let it get to you too much, because there's always the future.

(PS They better win, or I'll be in a bad mood.)

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