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Bears-Cowboys report card

The Bears played up their potential last night in another awful performance as they fell to 5-8 on the forgettable 2014 season.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly every week I've brought the fine readers here my grades. Have you always agreed with me? Oh no, not even close. Usually there are serval boisterous people who think I've been too soft or too harsh on a particular player or position group.

Well, I doubt I'll have many detractors this week.

This is something I've held out on doing, people have mentioned it many times in the comments but I usually took the time to break down all the position groups one by one and look at how they played.

I will say that the Bears fought hard, especially in their brief, but ultimately hollow "comeback" attempt in the fourth quarter. Notably Jay Cutler, Kyle Long, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte played hard long after the game was out of reach so that's...uh...something, I guess.

But ultimately it didn't matter. The Bears were out of the game early in the third and even when they closed in to make it a 10-point game it never felt close.

For the first time ever I'm giving everybody an F and leaving it at that. Did Cutler play his worst game? No, in fact the offense had a better game for them, while the balance wasn't there again, the score was a convenient crutch for Marc Trestman to lean on once more. Brandon Marshall was playing well before he left with an injury and Bennett and Jeffery both had solid games. But they still sputtered.

But this one should be more on the defense. The Bears offense had only three drives in the first half (I'm not counting the knee at the end of the first half). The Cowboys punted twice in the game, both in the first quarter but after that the Bears couldn't get them off the field.

The Cowboys were 7 of 14 on third down and were 2 of 2 on fourth down. The Bears turned it over twice as well.

Special teams had a blocked extra point and a partially blocked punt. Just awful.

I could continue but it's late, I'm tired and this team doesn't even seem like it's worth our time anymore.

They're bad, they're all bad, everyone. It's frustrating and terrible and it's over. Fs. Fs for everyone.

Sound off, what frustrated you most last night?