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Rapoport: Chicago Bears to fire Mel Tucker after 2014 season

In a move that would surprise no one, reports are that the Chicago Bears will fire their defensive coordinator after the season is finished.

David Banks/Getty Images

On one hand, Ian Rapoport is just reporting what he has been told, but on the other, something like this isn't exactly what a team would ever want to go public. At least you would think so anyways.

On Sunday morning, Rapoport reported that, barring a significant defensive improvement over the last three weeks, the Chicago Bears will terminate the contract of defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

The Bears rank 26th in total defense so far in 2014, and closed out last season with the worst defense in franchise history.  Head coach Marc Trestman has endorsed Tucker throughout this season, commending him on the way he coaches in practice and his approach with the players, but at the end of the day, the numbers don't lie.

With all of that said, if Tucker is indeed out, you can bet that Trestman is likely staying for one more season.

Who will take over the defense? Stay tuned...

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