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NFL week 14 Monday Night Football open thread: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

The leaders of the NFC South and NFC North meet on MNF, but only one has a winning record.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 of the NFL regular season draws to a close tonight with the Monday Night Game from Lambeau Field, as the Atlanta Falcons pay a visit to the Green Bay Packers.

The 9-3 Packers will be looking to keep pace in the NFC North with the 9-4 Detroit Lions, and are coming off a four-game winning streak (and eight of the last nine) which includes 50-point burgers laid on the Philadelphia Eagles and our Chicago Bears.  Their most impressive effort, though, might have been the 26-21 victory over the New England Patriots just last weekend.

The Falcons are coming into tonight's game with a 5-7 record that actually places them first in the division of suck that is the NFC South, just ahead of the 5-8 New Orleans Saints and the 4-8-1 Carolina Panthers.  They've won three of their last four games, including last week's 29-18 home matchup with the Arizona Cardinals, but face a massive challenge facing Aaron Rodgers et al.  Then again, who apart from the denizens of the Black Hole would have given the Oakland Raiders a chance against the San Francisco 49ers yesterday?

This is your Monday Night Football open thread.  Have fun, and Schweick it like it's hot.