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Chicago Bears in the Winter Olympics

The XXII Winter Olympic games began last week and with the competition in full swing, I wondered which events Chicago Bears players would compete in.

Scott Halleran

The National Football League is full of incredible athletes who week-in and week-out, for 16 games a season, go out and perform amazing athletic achievements on the gridiron.

In the world of sports it's commonplace for debate and comparison to rise to the level of "who is the best athlete" and "could so-and-so perform in a different sport."

We've often heard that NBA superstar Lebron James could play tight end or wide receiver in the NFL, and players like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders played baseball as well as football. In Chicago Bears history, it's well-known that former wide-receiver Willie Gault was a world-class sprinter.

But with the Winter Olympic games going on, I could help but wonder if any of the Bears players had talents that could translate to gold for Team USA?

And, while we're at it, let's just agree that Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler would make those US team sweaters from the opening ceremonies look good.

Alshon Jeffery: Figure skating. Jeffery's body control and fancy toe-tapping ability would translate to a sport where it's all about landing the tricks and keeping balance.

Devin Hester: Speed skating, if speed is the name of the game, Hester, even at 31, still has it to get around the track fast.

Kyle Long: Hockey. Who cares if he has skating skills, his mean streak would make him a great enforcer for team USA and a nasty man on the front line that would have opponents scared.

Patrick Mannelly: Aside from doing any and all of the events he wanted, he would be a stand out at curling. He's used to being hunched over and he would be the first to merely stand at one of the rink and hike the stone down to the other end. No need for the brooms or anything.

Martellus Bennett: Skeleton. Marty B. seems crazy enough to be willing to go head first down a winding ice-covered course.

Jay Cutler and Josh McCown: Biathlon. One's a gunslinger and one's deadly accurate. 'nuff said. Former Bear Tank Johnson is unfortunately unavailable for this event.

Charles Tillman: Cross-country skiing. Not sure how the Peanut Punch translates to the winter games, but his fists of fury could power him to the gold in this event.

Chris Conte: Short-track speed skating. He shouldn't be competing alone since he doesn't always know his assignment and he certainly should be used to chasing down opponents from behind.

Adam Podlesh: Ski jump. He's used to trying to get hangtime and he has a lot of leg power.

Julius Peppers: Ski jump. With a dozen blocked kicks in his career, he's got the ups to bring home a medal.

Matt Forte: Nordic combine. He's good at everything and his smooth running style would help in the cross country skiing.

Marc Trestman and Aaron Kromer: Team figure skating. They are detail-oriented perfectionists. They'd have the game plan to succeed.

Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett: Four-man bobsled team. These guys seems to be friendly with one another and more importantly they make magic on the football field so why wouldn't they be able to guide the sled down the course in record time?

Which players am I forgetting or which events do you think Bears players would work well in?