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2014 NFL Draft: Alabama Safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

WCG's look at the draft gets underway, and our first look is at Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Raise your hand if you weren't thrilled with the play of Chris Conte or Major Wright in 2013. At some point during the season, even taking into account the lack of production up front due to injury, age, or being Shea McClellin, you probably raised your hand.

The Bears are getting to a point where they have one safety under contract (Conte) and need to get some more talent in the backfield; that makes Ha Ha Clinton-Dix a possible option in the first round for the Bears.

(Yes, this is your "Duh" comment of the weekend. But we start off every year with the cakewalks.)

Walter Football projects Clinton-Dix to the Bears with the 14th pick, behind Conte's "error" on the final play against Randall Cobb and Major Wright's likeliness to not return. I'm not thrilled with that stated reasoning; Conte was rough the whole year before that "one play." I still think the defensive front was key to a lot of the safety miscues, but the season did show the current Bears' safeties aren't special players. Clinton-Dix could be that type of player.

Clinton-Dix is a ball-hawk, primarily. He takes good routes to the ball and has good enough hands to make plays. He reads the quarterback's eyes well and break on the ball. He has size to be a solid tackler, and can make decent stops up front in the run-game, but isn't currently the biggest hitter.

Would you be all right with the Bears taking Clinton-Dix at 14th overall?