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WCG Madden Stream: Beginning Ultimate Team

In this edition of the Madden Stream, we're unboxing a brand-new Ultimate Team!

Jonathan Daniel

Today, we're starting something a little different. We're going to open up WCG's very own Ultimate Team from scratch. If you aren't familiar with it, Ultimate Team is the mode introduced in 2010 where you collect cards to build your own team from players around the NFL, taking into account the skill versus chemistry versus scheme balance that real NFL teams have to deal with. (It's also the mode featuring the infamous Dan Orlovsky 90-rating Fantasy Card that I've mentioned repeatedly). We'll pick our base team and get our base players, make a few edits and take on at least one online opponent.

After today, we'll have all four of our normal streaming modes underway, so each week will be sort of a grab bag as to what we do.

The stream will start about 6:30 PM CT and go until about 8:00 PM CT; I'll go as long as I can, but I've been fighting off a broken finger the last couple weeks and today it's a little worse, so we'll see what happens. As usual, you can reach me on Twitter @SJS_illini, on Twitch at, and you can also leave your comments here, where I'll be reading and interacting with you!

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