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Mocking The Mocks: Whom does Sports on Earth believe the Chicago Bears will select

It's 2014 Mock Draft time! This is the time of year when everyone speculates on which player will go where. We'll do our best to pick out a few reputable mock draft sites, feature their Chicago Bears selection, then ask you to tell us how they did. Today we have another triple treat of Mock Drafters, this time from Sports On Earth.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Spongie stumbled upon this Sports On Earth Mock Draft, and instead of putting in the Bears Den (a must start to every morning) we thought we'd feature their mock for our readers to mock.

If you're unfamiliar with Sports On Earth, it's part of the USA Today Sports Media Group, and their mock features three heavy hitting NFL writers, Mike Tanier, Dan Pompei and Russ Lande.

Sports On Earth was nice enough to put all three mock drafters on the same page, so click here to see their full mock.

We'll spotlight each one of their Chicago Bears' pick, but make sure you peek at the full mock draft to let us know if you agree with their selection based on how their draft falls.

First up is the mock from Mike Tanier and, with the 14th pick in his mock draft, the Chicago Bears select Aaron Donald, defensive tackle, Pittsburgh, and here's his take on the pick.

After allowing 2,583 rushing yards and 22 rushing touchdowns, the Bears need a dose of toughness and intensity in the middle of the defensive line. Some talent won't hurt, either. Donald has all three. He lacks size for a traditional run stuffer, but girth is easier to come by in later rounds. Donald's mix of power, pass rush ability and intensity is much harder to find.

This is the first time we've had Donald mocked to the Bears in one of our Mocking the Mocks posts, so if you are unaware of him he's a very good prospect. He is a bit undersized at 6'1" 288, but he's a one gap three technique DT that really had a great week at the Senior Bowl.

He had a productive senior season at Pittsburgh with 11 sacks and an NCAA leading 28.5 tackles for loss. Donald may be pegged as strictly a 3-Tech DT by some, but his quickness and strength would let him play up and down the interior. The only limitation I think he has, is not having the sheer girth of being a 2 gap DT.

I'm not 100% sold on him being the best DT in the draft, but I do think his potential is very good.

Moving along to Dan Pompei's mock, whom Chicago fans should be familiar with after his time at the Chicago Tribune. With the 14th pick in the Pompei mock, the Chicago Bears select Louis Nix, defensive tackle, Notre Dame. Here's his skinny on Nix.

Some think Timmy Jernigan would be a better scheme fit, but Nix is versatile enough to play in any scheme.

I just had a long talk with my Notre Dame guy this weekend and he believes Nix's d-line teammate Stephon Tuitt, has a higher ceiling and is a better fit for a possible hybrid defense for the Bears.

Pompei calls Nix versatile enough for any scheme, and by that he means any scheme as a DT. I don't think Nix will be kicking out to play as a 5-Tech defensive end, but he had the size (6'2" 350) to play as a 2 gap Zero tech DT, but also the first step quickness to play in a 1 gap scheme.

Since the Bears' number one problem was stopping the run, I would be fine with adding the massive Nix to their interior. He has a knee issue that will have to be checked out, but he is the top NT in the draft.

With the 14th pick in the Russ Lande 2014 mock draft, the Chicago Bears pick Ra'Shede Hageman, defensive tackle, Minnesota, and here's his reasoning behind the choice.

Franchise defensive tackle Henry Melton, who is recovering from surgery to repair a torn left ACL, is a free agent, so the Bears need to address their defensive line struggles. Hageman has the size/length combination that is hard to find in such an athletic defensive lineman. He has the quickness to penetrate gaps and disrupt plays behind the line of scrimmage and the strength to jolt and drive blockers upright and backward. Even if Melton returns,Hageman is worth selecting here, as the combination of Melton and Hageman would give the Bears a dominating interior defensive line.

When talking about a high ceiling, none have a higher ceiling than Hageman. This is a physical specimen that could potentially play every position on the defensive line. He has the strength you'd like for the interior, and the size (6'6" 318) you'd like at DE. He should be able to move between the 3-Tech 4-3 DT and a 5-Tech 3-4 DE seamlessly, and would give the Bears the versatility they covet.

Hageman dominated at times in college, but there were also instances he disappeared on film. Consistency will be key for him moving forward.

This is the second three person mock that each had the Bears going a different direction with their 1st round pick. I think the one thing we can take from their differing opinions, is that there are a plethora of prospects at 14 that the Bears could use.

What player are you getting excited about the Bears taking at 14?