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Charles Tillman knows the Bears want him back for a 12th season

Earlier this morning Charles Tillman was on WSCR 670am in Chicago talking about his future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Tillman intends to play in 2014.

He also plans to retire a member of the Chicago Bears.

The business of connecting the dots to keep him a Bear in 2014 is up to Chicago general manager Phil Emery.

Tillman was on the Mac and Spiegs show from 670 the Score earlier this morning and the topic at hand was his future in the NFL.

In regards to the Bears wanting him back for a 12th season:

"I don't think that they don't want me back. Hell, I know they want me back. I think it's a matter of finances and everything working out."

Tillman had the highest annual salary of all the soon-to-be free agent corners, but his age and recent injury history will bring his price down.

Vontae Davis, Captain Munnerlyn, Brent Grimes and Alterraun Verner are some of the top corners readying for a big payday. SB Nation predicts that Verner will be in the 5 year $50 million range. Tillman could probably be had for a 1 or 2 year deal, because the 32 year old Tillman has no plans to play until he "can't walk no more."

From the Chicago Tribune;

"I'll be the first to tell you that. I don't want to play forever."

"I want to walk when I'm 35, when I'm 40. I want to play soccer with my kids. And I want to play basketball with them. That would suck if I couldn't walk or shoot a jump shot or play soccer or hockey or whatever sport my son or my children are doing. ... I've had 11 glorious seasons. So if I would have to give that up, I'm really OK with that. There is life after football."

Tillman has so many outside interests, that he seems to have already come to grips with life after football.

He also slams the door shut on a possible move to safety.

"I don't want to play safety anywhere," he says, and why should he? When healthy he's a high quality corner. His slip in production last year was due to injury.

I believe that if the Bears truly want him to return, they will come to an agreement. He's not looking to break the bank, and the market will dictate a reasonable offer for both sides.

What do you think after his recent comments?

Is it any more likely that Tillman will return to the Chicago Bears?