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2014 NFL Combine Press Conferences: Marc Trestman and Phil Emery speak to the media

Trestman is scheduled to take the podium at 10am ET, and Emery at 11am, and we will have full coverage here at WCG.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Neither general manager Phil Emery nor head coach Marc Trestman have spoken to the media since their season-ending press conference announcing the new contract for quarterback Jay Cutler, but today, each of them will get 15 minutes to address the media and presumably give some insight on what they are looking for while in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.

Emery has made it clear that he will be focused heavily on defense this offseason, and wants to get younger, so I'm sure he and his scouting team will be building a pretty thick encyclopedia on defensive players this week to help him get prepared for the Draft this April.


10am ET: Marc Trestman

11am ET: Phil Emery

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We will provide live coverage of the Trestman and Emery press conferences, so stay tuned to WCG for updates as they come in.