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New York Jets' reported interest in Josh McCown shouldn't be mutual

After an unexpectedly productive season in 2013, Josh McCown will likely field offers from multiple suitors. The New York Jets seem like a date for him to take, and then never call again.

Josh McCown gets a ball off before being assaulted in 2012.
Josh McCown gets a ball off before being assaulted in 2012.

Josh McCown in the green and white, leading the Jets against the Patriots, Dolphins, BIlls, Broncos and...Bears?

You might think it's crazy, but not so, according to the New York Daily News. They broke word last night that the New York Jets have a reported interest in Josh McCown.

McCown, as many Bears fans no doubt remember, had a fantastic stint starting for the Bears when Jay Cutler was injured, going 3-2 as a starter, and putting up a 109 passer rating with a 13:1 TD:INT ratio.

The Jets, on the other hand, had their struggles at the quarterback position last year. Mark Sanchez injured his shoulder in a preseason game last year, and seems likely to be released by the team in the offseason. Geno Smith started 16 games, completing only 55.8% of his passes, and throwing 12 touchdowns to 21 interceptions. There is an obvious need to shore up the position, and a veteran like McCown could provide the stability needed if Smith or whomever is brought in during the offseason falters.

So the interest from the Jets is entirely understandable, but why should McCown have any interest in return?

McCown will likely see attention from multiple suitors. Many will value a backup quarterback pretty significantly, given that 65 different quarterbacks started at least one game in 2013. The Jets, however, do not seem like a place he would want to be.

Media scrutiny, coaching staff, available talent, and family life all seem to be important to a quarterback who in December seemed unsure if he'd play in 2014. Says McCown:

"It’s a year-to-year thing of how long is this going to be," McCown told the Chicago Sun-Times. "In our minds, when we commit to it, it’s for a year. So to be apart like this, it’s a tough deal. But it’s something everybody [in my family] talks about, including my daughter, my oldest, especially, just sitting with her, ‘Is all this OK? Are you cool with this?’ So she’s been great with it all. "But for me, I know that there is a time coming where it’s going to get harder and harder. I kind of have a thought process in my mind of: I don’t know if I want to do this and let her get out of my house having done this the last four years where we live apart.

No offense to the Jets or their fans, and yes, I'll admit a bias here. It just feels like Josh McCown fits somewhere better. What do you think?