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Introduce yourself to Windy City Gridiron

Every now and then, we like to learn a little more about our readership... Jump in and let us know what you're all about!

David Banks

There was a time that Windy City Gridiron had what seemed like about five members, nothing much outside of Game Threads, and the infamous 'diary' section, which was the original version of FanPosts.

Fast-forward nearly nine years (!), and our readership has grown wildly, with new names popping up in the comments section every day.

We'd like you to introduce yourself!

Some things that you can share if you like:

When you first started reading WCG, and how you discovered this website | Where you are from, and where you currently call home | What you do for a living | Any family members that are Chicago Bears fans | How you first became a Bears fan | What's your favorite type of content we produce | Any great Bears-themed pictures of you and/or your friends and family

Make sure to hit up the comments section and sound off... You may find that you know other folks or live close enough to start up a Bears fan club in your area.

Have fun!