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Even more Chicago Bears Free Agency predictions from the MMQB

Earlier today we broke down the first half of the Monday Morning Quarterback's Top 100 free agent predictions list. There were quite a few Chicago Bears mentions in 100-51 and even more among their top 50. Any of these players get you excited?

Al Messerschmidt

If you missed our earlier article breaking down the MMQB's free agency predictions 100-50, then click here.

Their top 50 free agents obviously feature a higher caliber of NFL player, and with that would go a higher expected paycheck. Could the Chicago Bears be in line to sign any of these players?

Their 47th top ranked free agent is Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, and here's what they had to say about him.

The NFL's reigning Man of the Year for his off-field efforts is known for being tough. Even at his age, teams always are looking to add players like that. Best fit: Bears. Things are shaky in that secondary, but Lovie Smith could make a play in Tampa.

I really hope Tillman is 100% healthy for the 2014 season and I hope the Bears can bring him back for another year or two. His size and physicality is a good fit against the bigger wide outs in the NFL, and when he's on the field ball carriers are always wary of the Peanut Punch.

Number 42 on the list is defensive tackle Clinton McDonald of the Seattle Seahawks.

An unsung hero for the Seahawks' defensive line (13th in Pressure Points), McDonald would be a good addition for a 4-3 team needing a three technique off the guard. Best fit: Bears. Would be a good scheme fit, and they need help.

Playing on that sensational Seattle D gives McDonald a higher profile than the first DT they speculated for the Bears, Earl Mitchell of the Texans, but he's still a relatively unknown player to the casual fan.

McDonald is a a 6'2", 297 pound rotational player for the Seahawks that picked up 5.5 sacks and 35 tackles last season. He lit up his Memphis pro day in 2009 before being drafted by the Bengals in the 7th round and would be a good fit for the Bears 1 gap scheme, plus he brings some hybrid experience to the line. He's only missed four games in the last three seasons in Seattle.

Chicago DT Henry Melton is number 36 on their top 100 free agent list, and here's what they speculate about his future.

Was starting to become a dominating presence on the interior when he was tagged in '13, but he tore his ACL in Week 3 and was arrested after a bar fight in December. Look for a one-year deal. Best fit: Bears. They need help inside and know what they have in Melton.

I never saw the dominance they refer to, but he was a good player. I think with his knee injury he'll have to sign a one year "prove it" deal to show that he's fully recovered and back near his Pro Bowl form. Reports have him slimmed down a bit, and that can only help his quickness and his versatility. I'd like to see Melton return if the price is right so he can play with a chip on his shoulder for the 2014 season.

The Bears have a definite need at safety, and a name that hasn't been mentioned much around here is 49ers strong safety Donte Whitner, their 24th ranked free agent.

Has a habit of being in the wrong place at a bad time (Seattle's fourth-down score in NFC title game), but instantly brings a hard-hitting attitude. Best fit: Bears. Pairing Whitner with a drafted safety could give Chicago a better chance against Aaron Rodgers.

I could get on board with this signing.

Whitner won't get top safety money, but he'll still garner a large contract. The Bears should also draft a safety to push Chris Conte, but adding a good veteran is ideal.

What are your thoughts on these free agent possibilities?

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