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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Super Bowl Edition

The 2013 NFL season ended in the most disappointing way possible, with a Super Bowl blow out. The Seattle Seahawks scored in every way imaginable, and further illustrated the point that defense great teams win championships.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1) I thought Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson played an outstanding game. He was smart with the ball, he stayed within the game-plan, he stayed poised when rushed and he only scrambled when necessary. I really enjoy watching him play the game.

2) Speaking of game plans, I wasn't very fond of what the Denver Broncos did. I know the deep ball isn't a big part of Peyton Manning's game these days, but with so much press coverage being played by Seattle you have to take a few shots down field if you catch a one on one opportunity. Denver head coach John Fox had a challenge that I thought was ill timed, and his decision not to try for three at the end of the half wasn't wise either. Hindsight tells us that field goal wouldn't have mattered, but at the time they needed some points on the board.

3) Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith was deserving of the Super Bowl MVP, but he was the benefit of a relentless pass rush, and an outstanding defensive performance by his teammates. The pick-6 was the big moment of his night, but he also had a fumble recovery and nine tackles.

4) I don't get all the Peyton Manning detractors popping off about his legacy. He's an all time great, end of story. Manning is a top 10 QB of all time, and two Super Bowl losses shouldn't hurt his place in history.

I didn't buy the talk of his being the best ever had he won his second title, and I certainly don't buy the overrated talk now that his team lost.

5) For the record, I feel the best QB of this generation has been Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers has a chance to surpass him, as I feel he's the top guy playing right now. My #1 all time quarterback is Joe Montana, and while we're talking about QBs, Joe Namath wins for best dressed yesterday.

6) I thought Bruno Mars did a good job at halftime, I'm not sure why the Red Hot Chili Peppers were needed.

7) As soon as the multi-lingual "America The Beautiful" Coca-Cola commercial aired, I knew there would be a backlash. But I'm sure Coke knew the same thing. They were expecting the controversy, so they must be hoping the old saying, 'There's no such thing as bad publicity', holds true.

8) Oakland Raiders punter Ray Guy going into the Hall Of Fame is long over due. Punting and kicking is part of the game, so why not recognize the best players at what they do. His numbers may have been eclipsed in the 25 years since he played, but that doesn't take away with how good he was in his era. He was the best of his time, and he deserves a place among the Greats.

9) After the Super Bowl, Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett, brother of Bears TE Martellus Bennett, claimed they had the best defense since the 85 Bears. He might be right if you take into account the rules changes and the more offensive style of play these days.

It's hard to compare teams of different eras, but I think this Seattle D belongs in the top 10 all time great defenses in the last 30 years.

And maybe now that Michael has his Super Bowl ring, he'll want to come play with his brother in Chicago...

10) Our sister site Arrowhead Pride who cover the Kansas City Chiefs, have listed out the 2014 Super Bowl odds and the Chicago Bears are tied for 10th at 30/1. Seattle is the early favorite to repeat at 7/1 and the Green Bat Packers are currently at 20/1.

What were your thoughts about the Super Bowl, the commercials, and the 2013 NFL season in general?