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2014 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh DL Aaron Donald

Today we turn our attention to Aaron Donald, the defensive tackle from Pitt. Would you be interested in Donald at 14?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We're going back to the defensive line with our next draft profile, and this time it's Pitt defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Donald's another high-to-mid first-round defensive tackle prospect like Jernigan; he projects to be a smaller pass-rusher who makes plays with an explosive initial burst.

(Because one game clip doesn't show the whole story, here's two!)

Donald's able to beat offensive lineman with quick initial snap movement; if he gets caught, he will continue to fight off his block, but can get caught up in the handfighting at times. And, of course, there's the complaints that his size just isn't there, as his frame is about maxed out.

CBS' analysts have Donald projected all over the board around the Bears' position - two to the Cowboys at 16, one to the Dolphins at 19 and the fourth to the Giants at 12, so 14 would not be out of the realm of possibility. WalterFootball currently mocks him at 14 to the Bears.

Would you be okay if Donald were the pick?