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Report: Bears cut tight end Dante Rosario

Well that was quick. On February 27th, we told you the Bears had re-signed Dante Rosario. And with a quickness, he is gone.

Dante Rosario fails to catch a pass.
Dante Rosario fails to catch a pass.
Jonathan Daniel

That didn't take that long.

We wrote this post on February 27th.

Per Alex Marvez, the Bears have released Dante Rosario:

Besides the fact that he got the Bears twitter handle wrong, Alex Marvez is a senior NFL reporter for FOXSports1.

Would a cut like this be a precursor to a possible move? Given the timing, absolutely, but what that move is remains to be seen. With the league year starting in just under 24 hours, anything is possible. His 1-year deal was worth $855,000

This leaves the Bears back with Bennett and Onubun, but if the move will help them acquire a free agent in a key place, it would give them the luxury of going after a tight end in the draft.

Rosario, a solid special teams player, figures to land on a roster somewhere, but will likely be a third TE and special teams player there, as well.

Best of luck, Dante!