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Chicago Bears terminate contract of defensive end Julius Peppers

It appeared imminent when they attempted to trade him on Monday, but Julius Peppers is no longer a member of the Chicago Bears.

Julius Peppers: A Bear no more
Julius Peppers: A Bear no more

Word from the team itself:

Peppers signed a monster deal in 2010, and that deal and its adjustments put the Bears in an uncomfortable salary cap situation this year.

The Bears look to gain $9,816,665 in cap space, while dealing with over $8 million in dead money.

Peppers himself had a disappointing, by his standards, year in 2013. He had 7.5 sacks, an interception, a fumble recovery, and 31 tackles in sixteen games.  This is coming off of back to back double digit sack seasons.

In his four years with the Bears, he logged 38 sacks, 3 picks, 3 fumble recoveries, 1 TD, and 139 tackles.

For a couple years now, Peppers has also been combating a recurring bout of plantar fasciitis, amongst other injuries, which has possibly kept him from having the explosive step he had in the past.

Peppers may land somewhere, but it won't be at the salary the Bears were scheduled to be paid.  Meanwhile, a move like this frees up cap space for the Bears to make moves in free agency.  As always, stick around and we'll let you know the Bears' moves and give you some instant analysis as soon as it occurs.

Julius Peppers reflections:

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