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Former Bears 1st round pick Chris Williams signs 4-year contract with Bills

He didn't work out for Chicago, but Chris Williams has put together a nice little comeback.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo was praised by some (yours truly included) when he selected Chris Williams in the 1st round of the 2008 NFL Draft, as he was intended to be the left tackle of the future that was so badly needed in Chicago.

Unfortunately for Williams, and Angelo, a back injury that required surgery sidelined Williams for most of his rookie season, and he was flipped to right tackle the following season when Chicago brought in Orlando Pace.

Over the next four season, Williams was part of the famed 'musical chairs' routine for the Bears offensive line, and was never able to find a position that stuck.  He was released in 2012, and quickly picked up by the St. Louis Rams, where he had a solid 2012 and 2013 campaign.

Hitting the free agent market this year, Williams has just been signed by the Buffalo Bills on a four-year contract worth $13.5 million, with $5.5 million guaranteed.

It didn't work out for Williams in Chicago, but kudos to him for getting his career back on track.

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