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Video: Henry Melton's altercation from December caught on tape

Did Henry Melton bite the bar owner, and insult the other patrons as being 'trash'?

Justin K. Aller

In December, Henry Melton was arrested following an altercation at a bar in Texas and charged with assault and public intoxication (LINK), and there is an on-going legal process to sort out all of the details.

Melton's attorney has claimed the allegations are false, and that Melton was really the victim, but apparently now, the bar owner is not only allowing the charges to move forward, but he's also suing Melton for the assault.

According to this report, Melton not only threw punches, but also bit the bar owner hard enough that his skin was pierced.  Melton also allegedly insulted the other patrons of the bar, calling himself a millionaire, and addressing the other as 'poor trash'.

Melton is currently a free agent, being pursued by multiple teams in the league. Before his season-ending knee injury in 2013, Melton was considered one of the up-and-coming defensive tackles in the NFL, but we're not sure what type of money he will command in light of his arrest, lawsuit, and injuries.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.