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Here are the New NFL Rules

The NFL Owners finally voted on the proposed rule changes for the 2014 season and here they are...

Jamie Squire

Last week we brought you the complete list of all the proposed rule and bylaw changes that would go front of the NFL owners for vote. The last couple of days some decisions were made.

Three rules passed and they are;

  1. The goalposts will be raised by 5 feet. Not the crossbar, but the goalposts.
  2. The recovery of a loose ball in the field of play is now a reviewable call. You may remember an instance where this would have aided the San Francisco 49ers in last year's NFC Championship Game.
  3. The game clock will no longer stop after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes.

The owners previously passed a rule that allows referees to talk with the officiating department in New York during replay reviews.

All the other replay review proposals failed. Also failing to pass was allowing an unlimited number of players to be placed on the injured reserve with designation to return.

Moving the extra point back failed, as did moving kickoffs back again.

A few other rules were tabled for discussion at a later date.

What are your thoughts of the new slate of rules?