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2014 NFL Draft: Florida CB Marcus Roberson

We start looking a little deeper than the first round, checking out defensive back Marcus Roberson

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've focused quite a bit on first-round choices, and we'll still get into some more (as I believe we still eventually have to do a Calvin Pryor profile at some point), but let's venture down into the second round. Today, that includes a look at Florida defensive back Marcus Roberson.

Roberson isn't exactly a physically-intimidating defensive back at 6'0", 191 pounds (that's still good size), but he does have a fair enough grasp of using his size, arms, and movement to play some decent coverage. He can anticipate routes well and knows how to use the sideline and his body.

CBS's Dane Brugler, however, also knocks his discipline as creating too much physical contact downfield and knocks his ability to finish, along with getting beat in the run game. He's also missed his fair share of action, be it through suspension (two games), three games in 2011 through a neck injury, and three games in 2013 with a knee injury.

He does have experience playing special teams, including as a punt returner.

WalterFootball currently lists him as the Bears' pick in their mock draft in the second round; CBS lists him as the 48th player overall and the sixth-best cornerback.

What are your thoughts on Roberson if, hypothetically, he were taken in the second round by the Bears per WF's draft?