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Press Conference to welcome Jared Allen to the Chicago Bears

Today at 1:30 Chicago time, the Bears will introduce the newest Monster of the Midway, former Minnesota Viking Jared Allen, to the media at Halas Hall. We'll highlight some of the good stuff from the presser. FYI, this is not an Open Thread, so let's keep it PG-13.

Hannah Foslien

If you're looking where to stream the Jared Allen introductory press conference you can click here to visit

I think this was a masterful plan by Phil Emery and the Chicago Bears public relations / marketing team to hold this press conference on MLB's opening day. I'm sure the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are a bit displeased at the big to-do this afternoon at Halas Hall.

Some Chicago Bears fans were unhappy at Allen's signing; if that applies to you, have you had the chance to rethink your misgivings?

Other Bears fans were ecstatic at the acquisition; for those of you that were hyped at the pick up, do you still feel the same?

If you happen to miss any of the presser we'll bring you some of the highlights right here as they happen.

And if you are unable to stream the presser, make sure to refresh this page as I'll be updating it live.

Here we go...

Oh no he didn't...

Phil Emery like a Ninja...

Well that makes a lot of sense...