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Chicago Bears release punter Adam Podlesh

Finishing near the bottom of the league, the Bears were likely going to have a competition in camp anyways, so might as well make the move now.


From the mouth of the franchise:

You can read the extended story here.

Podlesh had a rough 2013, ranking near the bottom of the league in categories that matter, such as gross yards and net yards.  The Bears as a team were dead last in the NFL in gross punting average.

Podlesh signed a five year, $10mil deal in 2011, after leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars. He appeared in all 48 games that he was a Chicago Bear, and was also the holder for kicker Robbie GOuld.

The move will save the Bears $1.025 million, as Podlesh was set to have a cap hit of $1.825 million this season. This move was evident to many in the 2013 season as Podlesh continued to struggle late.

Podlesh himself had this to say after the news hit:

Best wishes to Adam and his family, and remember, Punters are People Too.