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Lance Briggs supports Mel Tucker and the defensive scheme

Early this morning Chicago Bears outside linebacker Lance Briggs was on The Game 87.7 FM, the newest sports radio station in Chicago, discussing a number of topics. "Nothing has ever been wrong with the scheme. It's the makeup, coaches and players. We have to do what we're supposed to do.''

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This morning on Chicago sports radio station The Game 87.7 FM, Chicago Bears outside linebacker Lance Briggs talked with David Kaplan and David Haugh of the Kap & Haugh show. They touched on a variety of topics including Devin Hester, Charles Tillman, Mel Tucker, and his future with the Bears.

With the downfall of the vaunted Bears defense in 2013, Briggs was accountable for their failings.

"Our D is going to be very different. Nothing has ever been wrong (with the) scheme. It comes down to coaches and players executing."

He realizes the scheme will be altered this season, but he's thankful they are sticking with a 4-3 front because that's all he's ever known.

The injuries in 2013 obviously hurt their production, but when different players were subbed in, they simply didn't get the job done.

"It's the makeup, coaches and players. We have to do what we're supposed to do.'

The defensive coaching staff made a couple changes, but coordinator Mel Tucker was retained. Many fans disagreed with him staying, but Lance Briggs or the other players haven't publicly criticized his work.

"I know Mel knows what he's doing. I know I can sit down in a room with Mel and know exactly what he means." Briggs added, "He (Tucker) made a lot of right calls last year, we just didn't execute. It was a frustrating year. Not making any excuses, we just have to be better."

Briggs could be just taking the high road, but when has he ever bit his tongue? I think if he wasn't pleased with the situation he'd let everyone know.

"Since Emery got here the push has been to get younger. However, there are older guys me included that still play at a high level."

He referenced Brian Urlacher when talking about a possible return for Charles Tillman.

"I'm trying to be as positive as I can. One of my brothers didn't come back last year and now I'm hoping Peanut is back." Briggs continues about Tillman, "I'm hoping (the) organization makes (the) right decision. Can't say enough about what he's meant to organization, the city and myself.''

He wasn't happy about Devin Hester being allowed to go elsewhere.

"It's sad, man. We all know our time is coming, but it's sad when it does. It just sucks." Briggs added, "I think when you part ways with star players it should be handled a certain way. But, it doesn't seem to be that way."

He even has an idea of how the business will unfold when it's time for the Bears to let him go.

"But, I expect a tweet that they're parting ways with Lance Briggs whenever that day comes. That's just the way it is."

If Phil Emery even on Twitter?

If you want to listen to the entire interview, click here. He also talks about Lovie Smith and the transition from that locker room to his team.