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Brian Urlacher predicts the Chicago Bears will make the playoffs in 2014

Earlier today Brian Urlacher was on the Kap and Haugh show on Chicago's 87.7 The Game discussing a number of Chicago Bears related topics.

Stacy Revere

Former Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was unhappy with the way his NFL career ended. Chicago general manager Phil Emery offered what Urlacher believed was a low ball deal, leaving him to test the free agent market. He didn't find any takers willing to take a chance on his knee, so he ended up retiring.

Not the glorious ending a Hall Of Fame type player envisions when making his exit from the gridiron.

Urlacher quickly found a gig in the media, and the sour grapes towards the Bears has been prevalent ever since.

While I still don't think Emery will be on Urlacher's Christmas card list any time soon, he was fairly positive about the moves the Bears have made this off season.

Earlier today on the Kap and Haugh show from Chicago's 87.7 The Game, Urlacher dished on a number of Bears topics, and he even called himself a fan when discussing the Jared Allen signing.

He called himself a fan when talking about Devin Hester as well, "I don't want to see him break the record in anything but a Bears uniform ... as a Bears fan."

When asked about the Bears playoff chances he said, "Yeah, sure. Why not? 100%."

Urlacher remains close with team chairman George McCaskey and the McCaskey family so an eventual ceremonial honor for the eight time Pro Bowler will happen at some point.

Now that Urlacher seems to be edging off his critical stance of the Bears, are you ready to embrace him again?