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Who could Phil Emery pick in the 1st round that would make you really angry?

The Chicago Bears are set to select at 14th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft, and general manager Phil Emery has made two consecutive head-scratching first round picks. With the talent available this year Emery has to take a guy "worthy" of 14, doesn't he?


Phil Emery has a reputation after just two years on the job of trying to be the "smartest guy in the room" guy. Whether you believe that or not -- and for the record I don't -- his first two 1st round draft picks did come out of nowhere, and were both widely panned at the time. 50/50 is not the ratio you'd like in round one.

This draft looks to be so deep near the top that Phil Emery has to pick a player that most of us are comfortable with at 14.

Doesn't he?

There's no way the Windy City Gridiron members will be up in arms, throwing venomous insults at Emery and his first round pick this year.

Is there?

History can't repeat itself again...

Can it?

The majority of our readers were pissed off at the Chicago Bears selection of Shea McClellin in the 2012 NFL Draft. Here's a sampling of the anger that was spewed on our draft day 2012 open thread and the overflow thread.

"Omg, I feel sick"

"Emery jus lost a bunch of points wit me.. W.T.F."

"Is this Emry's Dan Bezein"


"F***...I don't like him at all, all...Chandler Jones...Mercilous...Hell Perry? Wait"

"G******** SON OF A B**** MOTHER F****** SON OF A W****!"

"What a f****** waste. If its McClellen we have traded Jerry Angelo for Jerry Angelo II."

"who the F*** is Shea mcClellin"

"Shea McClellin??? really? Emery just derped. you DO NOT PASS on an offensive lineman who will be a perennial pro-bowler and anchor your line for 8+ years."

"Horrible, Just Horrible!"

So far the naysayers have been proven right.

McClellin didn't pan out at the position he was drafted for, defensive end and/or situational pass rusher, so now he's being shifted to linebacker to try to salvage some value from the 19th overall selection.

In 2013 the Bears took Kyle Long and for the second consecutive year our open thread was full of rage.

"...a BAD second round guard?.... this is an awful pick! Horrible Pick... wrong in every way. Complete and total fail! What position does this fill?... he won't crack the starting line-up. he'll be out of the league within 3 years."

"F*** you Emery!!!! You worthless GM piece of crap!!!"

"Even worse than last year. Does Emery even understand value? I miss Jerry Angelo. Emery seems even more arrogant and worthless."

"Great we are the f***ing laughing stock of the fucking league in this draft."

"Who the f*** is this guy?"

"dude will never sniff a pro bowl"

Dude did more than sniff a Pro Bowl...

And even if we perceive him to be a reach, you can't fault a G.M. for trusting his board. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

Which brings us to the 2014 NFL Draft.

Is there a player that you fear Phil Emery drafting at 14th overall?

I'm not taking about some 7th round project going in the 1st, I'm talking about someone you perceive to be a fringe 1st or 2nd rounder that you think Emery is targeting.

Are you readying some hateful words if Emery "reaches" for the athletic tweener Dee Ford from Auburn?

Maybe Emery has Washington State's Deone Bucannon atop his safety board.

Perhaps a smallish corner like Jason Verrett from TCU will really grind your gears.

Could the athletic man-child RaShede Hageman from Minnesota at 14 piss you off?

I know some of you are really against a few of the players that have been mocked to the Bears of late.

Let us know the pick that would get your blood boiling if Emery nabbed him at 14th overall.