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Monday pick-me-up: Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery highlights

It's Monday and you're at work and that sucks. So why not watch some football highlights instead?


It's late April and the NFL Draft is still a week away. There hasn't been a meaningful football game in nearly three months!

We all miss football here. Sure, the Bears have started their offseason program, but it's all boring non-contact stuff.

Plus, it's Monday and you're probably suffering from a case of the Mondays.

So seeing as it's about lunchtime, well for the central and eastern portions of the country anyway, why not kick back and relax with some awesome Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall highlights?

This one checks all the YouTube highlight boxes:

-Weird intro with spliced-in clips? Check.

-Bad hip-hop song with way-too-long intro part. Check

-Video is so long the poster had to awkwardly splice in a second electronica/house song. Check

The best part about this video, to me, is that since it's all 2012 highlights you get reminded just how many flashes of brilliance Jeffery showed as a rookie and yet we were still all surprised by how great he was in 2013. The second best part is seeing all the deep go routes Marshall ran in the Tice-fense. Halfway through I was thinking "I don't remember seeing Marshall going straight down the field that much last year" and then I remembered that was because Trestman uses a variety of routes and concepts.

Anyway, enjoy!

I hope that improved your Monday!