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Mocking The Mocks: Whom does WCG's Kev mock to the Chicago Bears in the 2nd round?

It's 2014 Mock Draft time! This is the time of year when everyone speculates on which player will go where. We'll do our best to pick out a few reputable mock draft sites, feature their Chicago Bears selection, then ask you to tell us how they did. Today we'll check out whom WCG's very own, and ban hammer extraordinaire Kev, has mocked to the Bears in the 2nd round of the SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft.

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Just in case you missed out on the Chicago Bears first round selection in the SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft, made by none other than WCG El Hefe Dane Noble, you can re-live his picking Calvin Pryor over Aaron Donald by clicking right here.

I think Pryor will end up being a fine professional safety, but if the real draft falls this way, Bears GM Phil Emery will need to snatch up a defensive tackle in the 2nd round.

In the SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft the Bears pseudo-GM would need to address DT too, but Dane was tied up on important business, so in steps Kev. Ready to put the weight of Bears nation on his shoulders to pluck the right fit at DT among the best remaining players in the 2nd round.

I think he nailed it.

With the 51st pick in the second round of the SB Nation mock draft, Kev selects for the Chicago Bears, Louis Nix III, Notre Dame, DT.

Here's what Kev had to say about his pick up.

"With the level of hot trash that the Bears defense was last year, there's no reason for the Bears not to go defense heavy in the first two rounds. With Calvin Pryor shoring up things at safety in the first round, it would be best for the Bears to attack the defensive line, and with what's on the board, Nix is likely the best fit.

While not having the most statistically impressive season in 2013, notching just 27 tackles, he's following up a season in 2012 where he put up 50 tackles and a couple sacks. Last year he tore a meniscus which limited his ability to impress. There are also concerns about him carrying too much weight, but being brought into a pro program should benefit him, get him into a good regimen, and get the man in the center to take a beating against interior offensive lines.

The Bears brought in some versatile pass rushers in the offseason in Willie Young and Lamarr Houston, but signs point to a possible shift away from a true Tampa 2 base. If that's the case, a guy Nix's size could really open up the outside matchups for others. He's got a lot of form that could use some fixing, and those kinds of projects are what GM Phil Emery seems to crave."

With nearly 3,000 votes cast thus far, his pick received a grade of an A according to SB Nation readers.

Just look at some of the comments of praise about the wisdom from WCG's Dynamic Duo of mockers.

"steal of the draft so far..."

"Chicago is having a dynamite mock draft"

"I was a little nervous seeing Donald passed over but grabbing Nix in the 2nd now makes this look like a genius move. Bravo Kev."

"Pryor/ Nix combo could be even better than Long/ Jeffery picks.. GREAT!"

Now it's time for the WCG readers to chime in...

Do you like the combo of Calvin Pryor at safety and Louis Nix III at defensive tackle?