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Should the Chicago Bears sign a veteran quarterback?

The Chicago Bears are relatively thin behind starting quarterback Jay Cutler. Should they kick the tires on a veteran free agent or are you comfortable with their current situation?

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Last season back up quarterback Josh McCown benefited greatly from the teachings of Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman, and the talented offense of the Bears. He parlayed his success into a nice fat contract and a starting gig in Tampa Bay.

Odds are the Chicago Bears will need to utilize the back up QB at some point in 2014. Starting QB Jay Cutler hasn't completed a 16 game season since 2009, missing one game in 2010, six in 2011, one in 2012, and five last year.

The current #2 QB is journeyman Jordan Palmer, who has only attempted 15 passes in the NFL since 2008, yet some Bears fans are 100% positive he'll be fine if pressed into action. Some point to the success from McCown last year as their main point of contention, but McCown had 33 starts under his belt before 2013.

McCown's career was far more accomplished than that of Palmer.

The current #3 QB for the Bears is 25 year old Jerrod Johnson who has never seen NFL regular season action. He has thrown 23 passes in the preseason, but I don't believe the Bears are expecting him to compete for the #2 job.

Drafting a developmental guy at some point is on the table, but I think I'd trust Palmer over a late round rookie.

Unless Phil Emery surprises everyone and drafts a QB early, I think the best bet for some legit back up quarterback competition comes from free agency.

Of course there's no rush on adding a guy. Trestman could work with Palmer through the off season program and make a determination after that. As of right now Trestman seems confident that Palmer could grow into the role. He also detailed what he's looking for in a number two.

"The No. 1 job of the No. 2 quarterback is to be ready to play and to play well," coach Marc Trestman said last week at the NFL Annual Meeting, per the Chicago Tribune. "... The best term is he has to go in and play efficiently. He can't turn the ball over. He's got to live for the next play."

Trestman also harped on the fact that he wants his backup to be an asset in the quarterback's meeting room, where McCown excelled.

If they do decide to bolster the position here are a few players that could be available.

Rex Grossman - How neat would it be for Rex to come back for a Chicago cameo? Rumors are prevalent that he may end up in Cleveland.

Jimmy Clausen - He was the QB of the future in Carolina before they drafted Cam Newton.

Brady Quinn - He's played for 5 teams, with the latest being the St. Louis Rams last season.

Seneca Wallace - Wallace has a lot of experience, and he was the #2 in Green Bay last year.

Kevin Kolb - When last we saw Kolb he suffered a concussion, and it's speculated he may be forced to retire, but he seems intent on playing again.

Josh Freeman - Freeman probably has the most upside of all the available free agents, but he turns the ball over quite a bit. Plus he may be pricing himself out of some teams' plans.

What are your thoughts on the position? Are you content with Palmer as the #2? Would you like to see a veteran added to the mix or would a rookie make the most sense to you?