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Chicago Bears Preseason 2014 games announced

The NFL has revealed the preseason schedule for the 2014 season and we have the tentative Chicago Bears slate right here!

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

You can start scheduling your time off for Chicago Bears football right now. If you work late on any of these dates, put in for your time off right now. If you have a significant other, you can tell him/her you are busy on these days. If you keep a calendar, get a permanent Sharpie and scrawl in your plans right now. It's football watching time!

Some dates and times are still to be determined.

Preseason Week 1:

August 7-10 - Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Chicago will have revenge on their minds as they face the Eagles following last year's 54 -11 drubbing. This should be the Chicago debut of the defensive end rotation of Jared Allen, Lamaar Houston and Willie Young.

Preseason Week 2:

Thursday, August 14 - Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears ESPN 7:00p (CT)

The Bears will get to show off their new look defense to a nationally televised audience, and odds are ESPN color-man Jon Gruden will love the changes the Bears have made. He'll also probably love what the Jags are doing. And probably love this guy and that guy too...,,

Preseason Week 3:

August 21-24 - Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks

This is interesting. The most competitive of all the preseason games is week three because most teams play their starters through the 3rd quarter and they will actually do some game planning. The Bears will get to test themselves against the Champs.

Preseason Week 4:

Thursday, August 28 - Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

Yes, the Browns again! It'll probably always be the Browns because it's an inter-conference match-up of close proximity. We can expect to see the #3 and #4 quarterbacks fighting for a roster spot.

You can click here for the entire tentative NFL Preseason schedule.

What are your thoughts?