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Phil Emery pre-draft press conference highlights

Earlier today Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery met the media for about 45 minutes and he touched on a number of topics. We'll bring you some of the highlights right now.

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Since we're one week away from the NFL Draft we'll hit on some of Phil Emery's draft nuggets.

First off Emery loves the extra time to prepare for the draft, saying it gives the team more time to prepare for the undrafted free agency period.

Every position is in play for the Bears at #14 except quarterback. He also seems very content with Jordan Palmer as the back up to Jay Cutler, meaning it's unlikely the Bears bother drafting a QB.

And speaking of that 14th pick in the first round, Emery and the Bears have six players in mind.

"I would say for that first pick, we're right at six. I'd be happy if two out of the six were on the board at our pick and I'd be ecstatic if three out of the six were on the board at our pick."

But hopefully there's more than three of the six still available because...

His staff is running various scenarios on trade down opportunities, to ensure they still get their guy.

But Emery didn't exactly rule out a trade up.

"Trade-ups are expensive," Emery said. "You just have to feel like that player you're trading up for makes a dynamic difference in your team."

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Emery and his scouts have been checking out the lengthier corners available for a potential switch to safety, but "the problem is you have to project" and "Intelligence and instincts critically important in projecting a college corner to NFL safety."

In regards to the already fan favorite defensive tackle Aaron Donald of Pittsburgh, Emery said he wouldn't count on him even being there at 14.

For those of you saying Emery only wants big players, he did reiterate that "bigger is better", but he also said he wouldn't pass on a dynamic athlete.

This was interesting when it comes to the safety class.

He was a bit vague in his thoughts on the 51st overall pick saying, "We're going to take the best player that can help us win now."

And in regards to the current roster...

He feels free safety Chris Conte will be ready to go by the first preseason game, but could start on the PUP list. Also that the safety position for 2014 is wide open right now.

At linebacker the only starter set in stone is Lance Briggs on the weakside, the other sports are "best man wins."

He's been impressed with 2nd year wide out Marquess Wilson, who was working out in Florida with Brandon Marshall and teammates this off season. He believes his weight up north of 200 pounds now after playing last year around 190. The 3rd WR spot isn't being given to him however.

Even if the Bears draft a DT, they are very high on the returning Jeremiah Ratliff. He's in great shape and he could play either the 3-tech or the nose.

Does anything catch your eye?

You ready to predict his guy at 14?