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2014 NFL Draft: The Day After - Live Discussion and Reaction on the WCG Stream

We've had a lot to digest over the last three days - let's talk about the full picture!


The Bears have had a busy three days, haven't they? From their first round pick on Thursday in Kyle Fuller to drafting two defensive tackles on Friday and quite a few players of use yesterday, not to mention a couple solid UDFA nabs in Christian Jones and Jordan Lynch, the Bears have added a lot of new young talent in the draft.

But there are still a lot of questions to be asked and answered about this draft. Most of them won't be answered until these players hit the field, but for the rest of them, we're here for you.

Sam Householder and I will be live on stream tonight breaking down the past three days, especially the Bears' draft. We'll take your comments and questions, and we may just have a good answer for you. You can leave your comments and questions below in the comments, over on my Twitch channel at, or over on our Twitters (@SamHouseholder, @SJS_illini).

Watch live video from SJS_illini on TwitchTV