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Chicago Bears sign Brock Vereen and David Fales

Well, that didn't take long...

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears employ one man that is without question the best in the world at what he does.

Cliff Stein is the Vice President of Football Administration and General Counsel for the Bears, and he is the lead contact negotiator on all player contracts. We heard some rumblings that the Bears were already working on some contracts just one day after the draft, and today he has two players already in the fold.

The 2013 NFL draft ended on April 27th, and the Bears signed two players on May 1st, followed by two more on May 2nd. So far Stein and the Bears are ahead of last season's blistering pace.

Does anyone else expect the Bears' entire 2014 draft class to be locked up by Friday?

If you're wondering about dollars, Dan Durkin, who has the salary cap down to a science for Chicago's 670 WSCR, tweeted the following.

David Fales expects to compete for a back up quarterback spot, while Brock Vereen figures to be in the mix for a starting safety position.

I wonder whom Stein will have at Halas Hall tomorrow with pen in hand?