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The Weekend Bears Den: May 03, 2014 - Chicago Bears offseason news & notes

The best pick at #31 in the first round in the past 10 years?

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Jonathan Daniel

How much say will Trestman have on Draft Day? - Hub Arkush: How good of an eye for talent the head coach has, and how much Emery is willing to listen to him, is going to go a long way in determining how successful this current Bears regime is.

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Competition for safety jobs 'wide open' - Larry Mayer: Free agent signee Ryan Mundy and the rest of the Bears safeties will participate in a wide open competition for jobs this spring and summer.

Analyzing possibilities within Bears’ 'Picks Six' at No. 14 - Moon Mullin: As many as half of the six are believed to be safeties, the one position group not addressed this offseason with a move bringing in or re-signing a certain starter.

[Video] CSNChicago discussion - Who are the Bears' top six targets? [KAPCON: 4]

[Video] Buy or sell: Bears draft edition - Adam L. Jahns and Adam Hoge with their thoughts on the Bears' roster and upcoming draft.

Draft preview: Offensive tackle - Jeff Dickerson: It is strange, and rather refreshing, to enter a draft without the O-line being a major need for the Bears.

Draft preview - Bob LeGere: After drafting Bostic and Greene last year, the Bears aren't expected to address LB in the early rounds. But if Alabama's C.J. Mosley slips to No. 14, he might be difficult to pass up.

Draft profile: Notre Dame DT Louis Nix - Nix could be effective in a 4-3 scheme but if the Bears do go with a DT at No. 14, it'd make more sense for them to pick someone with more experience in the 4-3.

Draft profile: Louisiana Tech DT Justin Ellis - Depending on how the first few rounds go, the Bears are likely to remain in the hunt for a DT until the final day, and Ellis has a high motor and versatility.

All-time Bears Top 30 draft picks, #10 - James Neveau: Fourth overall pick in the 1965 draft, Gale Sayers’ career was derailed by knee injuries, but not before he became one of the greatest RBs in Bears history.

All-time Bears Top 30 draft picks, #9 - James Neveau: Second overall pick in the 1939 draft, Sid Luckman was arguably the greatest passer of his era and truly revolutionized the QB position.


All-time Bears Top 30 draft picks, #11 - James Neveau: Fifth overall pick in the 1961 draft, Mike Ditka was a new breed of tight end and meant more to Chicago than what his numbers alone would indicate.

Sun-Times Bears section here.

Polish sausage

X&Os - NFL 101: Matt Bowen breaks down the basics of Cover 3.

NFL teams probing for character flaws - Dan Pompei: Teams are increasingly looking for information they can't get from game tape or stopwatches. More than ever, character and behavior are shaping draft boards all across the league.

Draft tendencies - Tony Villiotti goes into the numbers to see how teams spent their picks over the last 10 drafts. [You won't be surprised to see the Bears having been one of the teams more willing to take riskier prospects from smaller school during that period.....]

Worth the price? - Tony Villiotti proposes a new trade value chart.

Draft preview - Chris Burke: 50 facts you need to know about the 2014 NFL draft.

NFL history - Chris Brockman with the best and worst picks for first 32 draft slots over last 10 years. The Bears have one on each side of the ledger.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Rob Demovsky: The last time the Packers had four picks in the first 100 selections of the NFL draft, they came away with two quality starters and two players who never made an impact.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Ben Goessling: Little doubt Cordarrelle Patterson will be integral piece of Vikings' offense in 2014, but some of that will be based on how much he can handle.


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